Fiona Connor

Born 1981, Auckland, New Zealand (currently based in Los Angeles, U.S.A.)


2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Arts (BFA/BA), University of Auckland
2009–2011 Master of Fine Arts (MFA), California Institute for the Arts, Los Angeles


Vienna Secession, Vienna (solo)
Celebration of Our Enemies: Selections from the Hammer Contemporary Collection, Hammer Contemporary, Los Angeles (group)
Closed for installation, Sculpture Centre, New York (solo)
#10, Sydney, Sydney (solo)
Memory Disco, Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington (group)

Direct Address, 1301PE, Los Angeles (solo)
#1, Salon Stuttgart, Berlin (solo)
Bureau of Unspecified Services (B.U.S.), Salt Galata, Istanbul (group)
Closed Down Clubs and Monochromes, Hopkinson Mossman, Wellington (solo)
Stories of Almost Everyone, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (group)
Object Classrooms, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth (solo)
Condo London: Community Notice Board and Monochromes, Modern Art, London (solo)

Chicago Architecture Biennale, Chicago (with Erin Besler)
Colour Census, 1301PE, Los Angeles (solo)

Ma, curated by Fiona Connor and exhibition design by Sebastian Clough, Chateaushatto (group)
Brick, Cane and Paint, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (solo)
On What Remains Part 2, Lisa Cooley, New York (solo)
Distance Plan, Human Resources, Los Angeles (group)
Light switch and conduit: the Jim Barr and Mary Barr collection, Dunedin Public Art Gallery (group)
Process Inter-rupted, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design, Los Angeles (group)
Can you help with this project? Will you please print a page of the book? Could you print as close to 100 copies as possible?, Gallery at REDCAT, Los Angeles (group)
Not a Dated Annotation (Designation of Will Within The Season Which We Live), Laurel Doody, Los Angeles (two-person with Daniel Malone)

A Man of Average Means, Human Resources, Los Angeles (group)
Have it Your Way, Minerva, Sydney, Australia (group)
On what remains, Lisa Cooley, New York (solo)
A letter, Permanently Closed, Los Angeles (group)
Community Notice Board, 1301PE, Los Angeles (solo)
Country Practice, Horsham Regional Art Gallery, Horsham, VIC (group)
Inside Outside Upside Down: Five Contemporary New Zealand Artists, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki (group)

Signs that change buildings, offsite project presented by 1301PE, Los Angeles (solo)
Newspaper Reading Club, Lisa Cooley, New York (solo)
Can Do Academy, Hopkinson Mossman, Auckland (solo)
Wallworks, Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), Melbourne (solo)
Aftertaste, Yale College Arts in conjunction with CalArts School of Art (group)

Style Guide Spa, Frieze New York and Frieze New York Sculpture Park, New York (Hopkinson Mossman) (solo)
Bare Use, 1301PE, Los Angeles (solo)
The things we know, Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen (group)
13th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul (group)
Scape Public Art Biennial, Christchurch (group)
This peculiarity we afterwards observed in other streams; they flowed by night and became dry by day, Pacific Standard Time/Machine Projects, Los Angeles
Mural Problem, Otras Obras, Tijuana (group)
Third/Forth, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne (group)
Works Sited, Cleopatra Gallery, New York (group)

Mount Gabriel, Ruby and Ash, Hopkinson Cundy, Auckland (solo)
Untitled (Mural Design), Dunedin Public Art Gallery DPAG, Dunedin (solo)
Murals and Print, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles (solo)
Gap, Mark, Sever and Return, Human Resources (curated by Chiara Giovando), Los Angeles (group)
IN SITU, Expo Chicago (curated by Michael Ned Holte), Chicago (group)
MADE IN L.A. 2012, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (group)
‘Chinatown: the sequel’ (curated by Liv Barrett) Ltd., Los Angeles (group)
The Experimental Impulse, REDCAT, Los Angeles (group)

Reading the map while driving, CalArts, Los Angeles (solo)
De-Building (curated by Justin Paton) Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch (group)
ON FORGERY: IS ONE THING BETTER THAN ANOTHER? (curated by Andrew Berardini and Lesley Moon), LAXART, Los Angeles (group)

Something Transparent (please go around the back) II, Auckland Art Gallery (solo presentation for the 2010 Walter’s Prize), Auckland
The sky a tree and a wall (in collaboration with Kate Newby), California Institute for the Arts L-Shape gallery, Los Angeles (solo)
Another Romance: The New Wight Biennial, UCLA Wight Gallery, Los Angeles (group)
NEW10, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne (group)
Muse’e Los Angeles, Los Angeles (group)
Carry on or stow away, Gambia Castle and Split Fountain, Auckland (group)

Something Transparent (please go around the back), Michael Lett, Auckland (solo)
Notes on half the page, Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
Blackwelder Show, Los Angeles (group)
The Future is Unwritten, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University, Wellington (group)
Pickups, Magic Mountain, Home, Okay, A pretty intense long drawn out game, Y3K Gallery, Melbourne (group, with Tahi Moore)
F is for Fake, Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts, Manukau City (group)
INTERIOR WHAT?, 21 Mercury Lane, Auckland (group)

Outside In, New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth (solo)
Screening Room, Exhibition Space C, Physics Room, Christchurch (solo)
NSFW, Newcall Gallery, Auckland (group)
Octopus 8, curated by Emily Cormack, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne (group)
The World (will soon turn our way) with Kate Newby and Marnie Slater, Charlton Avenue / Gambia Castle, Auckland (group)
You Are Here, curated by Ariane Craig-Smith, ARTSPACE, Auckland (group)
Fiona Connor and Things you would find in a Library, with Ash Kilmartin, Florence Wild, Tim Coster, Mythily Meher & Amelia Harris, Engine Room, Wellington (group)

Old Buildings, Gambia Castle, Auckland (solo)
Free Literature, Window, Auckland (solo)
en permuta, MAS, Barcelona (group)
Drinking From a Bucket, Gambia Castle, Auckland (group)

Inner City Real Estate, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (solo)
dep_art_ment, Auckland (solo)
536 Days and 88388 km Away, Special Gallery, Auckland (solo)
Time Capsule From Japan 14/10/04-5/11/04, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton (solo)
HEADWAY: New Artist Show, ARTSPACE, Auckland (group)
Shack, University of California, San Diego (group)
Fifteen People Present Their Favourite Book (in conjunction with the publication release of ‘Artists Respond to Working in Libraries’), Special Gallery, Auckland
Drifting Observatories, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin and rm. 103, Auckland
Silver Clouds, facilitated by Cuckoo and Clubs projects, as part of the Next Wave Festival, Melbourne (group)

Best In Show, facilitated by Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington (group)
Likes the Outdoors, Ramp Gallery, Hamilton (group)
TIMECAPSULE II, with Finn Ferrier, Chris Fitzgerald and Ben Tankard, Special Gallery, Auckland (group)

TIMECAPSULE, with Finn Ferrier, Chris Fitzgerald, and Ben Tankard, High Street Project, Christchurch (group)
Razza II: Common Knowledge with Leah Mulgrew, and Dan 2000, Special Gallery, Auckland (group)
Cuckooburough, facilitated by Cuckoo, Westspace, Melbourne (group)
Snowball, Rm. 103, Auckland (group)
Drawns, Special Gallery, Auckland (group)
Razza, with Kate Brettkelley, George Fraser Gallery, Auckland (group)


2014 Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)
2012 Residency at Dunedin Public Art Gallery
2006 Exchange to University of California, San Diego
2007 Exchange to University of Barcelona, Barcelona


2011 Award for Patronage donation from Chartwell Trust and the Arts Foundation
2010 Walters Prize Finalist
2008 Creative New Zealand New Work Grant
2003 Mt Eden Young Artists Award, Auckland
2000 New Zealand Model United Nations Representative, The Hague
Top Scholar, New Zealand Bursary


2015- Laurel Doody
2012 Los Angeles Critique Club
2009 Newspaper Reading Club
2007-2010 Gambia Castle founder and board member
2008-2009 ARTSPACE board member
2003-2006 Special Gallery founder and board member


2018 Salt Research, Istanbul
2017 University of California Riverside
2017 Yale School of Art
2017 Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
2017 UCLA Department of Art
2016 ELAM School of Fine Arts
2015 Otis College of Art and Design
2014 UCLA School of Architecture
2014 Monash University
2013 LAX Art
2013 Elam School of Fine Arts
2013 Otis College of Art and Design
2012 University of California Long Beach
2012 University of California Los Angeles
2011 Melbourne Free School


Drift: time in Fiona Connor’s sculpture, designed by Lucas Quigley featuring a text by Leslie Dick and supported by Hopkinson Mossman and Lisa Cooley, 2016
Process Inter-rupted, designed by Michael Ray-Von, 2016
Can you help with this project? Will you please print a page of the book? Could you print as close to 100 copies as possible? A co-production between Fiona Connor, Erin Besler, and at least 130 different participants. REDCAT and 1301PE, Los Angeles, 2016
Human Soup: an accompanying publication to Style Guide Spa, Frieze New York, 2013
Lobbies on Wilshire: An additional catalogue to Made in L.A., Hammer Museum, 2013
A stack of paper that gets left by an open window. When you get home every night it finds its own arrangement. 1301PE, Los Angeles, 2013
Hitchhiking a Magazine (with Sasha Portis), Torrance Museum of Art, Los Angeles, 2012
Fruit and Small Sculpture, Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Dunedin, 2012
Newspaper Reading Club (with Michala Paludan), s/f, Los Angeles, 2011
The sky a tree and a wall (with Kate Newby), California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, 2010
NEW010 catalogue, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Melbourne, 2010
Things you would find in a Library (with Ash Kilmartin, Florence Wild, Tim Coster, Mythily Meher & Amelia Harris), self-published, Wellington, 2008
Tao Wells documentation through video of screening room / exhibition space C, Physics Room, Christchurch, 2008
Artist page in STAKEOUT, Hue and Cry, June 2008
Lo siento (with Emily Eder), Barcelona, 2007
Loquo, Barcelona (designed by Tim Coster & translated by Bianca Bienetti) self-published, Auckland, 2007
Drifting Observatories (with Margot Didsbury, Sally McIntyre and Stephan Cleland) self-published exhibition catalogue, Auckland, 2006
Artists Respond to Working in Libraries, self-published, Auckland, 2006
Special Downtown to Uptown and Out of Town Gallery Guide to Auckland, Auckland, 2005


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