Kate Newby I'll follow you down the road


…Infinity in the palm of your hand

William Blake

Let’s get out

Leave the gallery at any time but don’t miss the works on the way out and elsewhere. MetService couldn’t promise their wouldn’t be rain this month so puddle sites will be refreshed every few days or so, stones have been placed and left to glaciate along the curb side. Curtains, often hung in windows above ground floor and throughout the city, will be opened at dawn and drawn again each evening, with a few translucents screening sunrise and sunset, again depending on the weather. Likewise the night skies, with bright stars tonight and every night if no cloud cover. And shadows. Sparrows may enter the show during gallery hours but are better seen hopping around on the loading dock outside and in the tree at the corner of Mercury Lane, along with mineral deposits of shattered windscreen glass, discarded cellophane caught in the spindrift of passing traffic, and cardboard flat packs bundled up around the lampposts. Guess what guys, the Renaissance ended. The cosmogony of the universe may have been privatised but most of it’s outside anyway. Public space, right? Keep your eyes open and try not to get bumped by a car as you step out into the street for a closer look.

Paul Elliman