Portmanteaux Bill Culbert, Kate Newby, Mateo Tannatt, Nick Austin, Pip Culbert


Nick Austin, Bill Culbert, Pip Culbert, Kate Newby, Mateo Tannatt
13 March – 5 April 2014

“… the truth, namely, that form and content, veil and what is veiled, ‘the present’ and the pocket, were one.”

Hopkinson Mossman is pleased to present Portmanteaux, a group exhibition featuring recent paintings by Nick Austin, new sculpture by Kate Newby and Los Angeles-based artist Mateo Tannatt, fabric works by Pip Culbert, and a major light work by Bill Culbert.

Portmanteau is a term that describes two or more words or morphemes fused together to create a new word and meaning, and a particular type of suitcase with two compartments. For the exhibition at Hopkinson Mossman, the term is made plural and used for both its material and semiotic resonance.

The works in Portmanteaux share an interest in the potential emerging from simple, familiar forms. Pockets, envelopes, and mussel shells are used as containers or incubator’s of meaning, compressing questions around modes of distribution, the body, architecture, and the frame. Old lamp stands, clocks and calendars amplify a sense of transience and an interest in the acts of thinking. Taken together, the two registers set up a curiously slow and casual/causal back-and-forth between form and content, and suggest a capacity for objects to form, and act or participate in, their own networks of meaning.

quote: Walter Benjamin, Berlin Childhood Around 1900